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Key Fobs

A-1 Suburban Lock & Key:
Replace and Repair Key Fobs

A lost key fob or a key fob that is no longer working can be a major problem whether your key fob is for an automobile, residence or commercial security system. A-1 Suburban Lock & Key is a licensed, professional locksmith with great experience in remote-less key entry. We stock the full range of key fobs and have the expertise to replace or repair any kind of key fob product that is made.

Considering a Key Fob System?
Let A-1 Suburban Lock & Key Answer Your Questions

Thousands of cars, homes and businesses in Buffalo Grove and throughout the neighboring communities use key fobs and our licensed locksmiths are often asked questions about what they are, and how they are used.

A key fob isn’t a decoration on your key chain! It is like a key, but the key fob is recognized by the security system in a two-part process. The first part of the process starts with you enter your own personal identification or PIN number. Then the key fob generates a random access code. When that random number is punched into a system (usually within 60 seconds), access is granted to the system. The process must be repeated, if the number is incorrect or entered wrong.

Unlike a lost key that someone picks up and tries to use, or a copy of a key that might have been given to someone who turned out to be untrustworthy, the key fob can only work if someone finding it knows the PIN number.

Also, the key fob makes it impossible to steal a password, as the “password” is always being randomly generated. The key fob is “physical.” If you lose the key fob, you immediately know a new key fob must be obtained.

A-1 Suburban Lock & Key: Key Fob Experts

Again, we are a full-service, licensed, local locksmith covering Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Lake Zurich/Long Grove, Prospect Heights, Lincolnshire, and Wheeling, Illinois. If your key fob has been lost or stolen, we offer 24-Hour emergency service. In addition if you do not want to pay emergency service rate, you can call for an appointment during normal business hours. We carry key fobs for most any hard-to-find security need. Moreover, this include hard-to-find key fobs for makes of vehicles such as Honda and Chevrolet.

License – 192.000151

245 W. Dundee Rd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089